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New clothes!

If there are two things in life that get me motivated to workout it’s new music and new clothes! I’m currently in the process of downloading new tunes (if you have any suggestions, post in the comments) and I’m always looking for new threads, and I found some! Working in fitness allows me the opportunity to wear athletic clothes on a daily basis, so I try to research new brands and fits to see what I like. I’ve had good luck with Victoria’s Secret before, so when I got their latest catalog, instead of throwing it out like I usually do, I skimmed it and found a top that was made for me! Long sleeve, lightweight and a large keyhole in the back, love it! I also found a fun sports bra with a really cool back, that would look perfect with it! Picture below:

2015-08-22 12.18.47-1

The bra fits perfectly and I’m so happy I found it. It’s an underwire, which is not something that I need for my sports bras, so I don’t typically seek it out, but it really does change the fit and support, in a good way. It is flexible enough to pullover my head without struggling, and tight enough that I won’t move around while running. There is a thin layer of padding which disguises hard nipples without making it look like you’re going for a night out.

The shirt┬áis very airy and lightweight. It has thumbholes, which will pretty much sell me on any shirt, so that was definitely a plus with this one. I might be on the weird side, but I sometimes like working out in a long sleeve shirt. I’m one of those “always cold” people, so it takes a lot for me to get warm during a workout, so wearing long sleeves helps to speed up the process. The keyhole is large and allows air to circulate which helped me to cool down in waves. It runs a little on the large side and if I get another one (which is a good possibility) I would probably go down a size. It has a cute, subtle swiss dot pattern, just to give it a little more design.

I would highly recommend both pieces, and Victoria’s Secret Sport (VSX) as a whole!

What brands do you like to wear while getting fit?