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Unity Ceremony

The unity ceremony symbolizes the joining of two families, typically with two candles lit by the mothers of the bride and groom. During your ceremony, you and your fiancé will take the candles from your mothers and light one larger candle together. Nowadays there are a ton of different options you can use besides the candles; sand, tying a rope knot, glass, and what we’ve personally decided on, PAINT!

We will take two colors of paint, and start at opposite ends of a canvas, pour the colors down and merge them in the middle. This way, we will have our own work of art that we can hang on our wall forever!

  we ❤ this! Gracenote Photography


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Thank You to Our Parents

There is no gift out there that can say thank you enough to our parents for helping us plan this wedding, but I’m going to find something! I’ve scoured the internet for ideas and here are a few that I was able to find that I fell in love with!

 we ❤ this! Brush Stroke Plates

 we ❤ this! Words Work Prints

 we ❤ this! Whisper Hills

 we ❤ this! Paper Ramma

 we ❤ this! Lovey Dovey Creations

Do you have any ideas for gifts for your parents? Let me know!

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Getting Mail!

If there is one thing that I miss about living in the modern age, it’s that we never receive fun mail anymore! Everything is electronic these days, even many wedding invites. While there is nothing wrong with adapting to the electronic age, I love arriving home to envelopes that aren’t bills or junk! I have to say, this is one of the best things about sending out your invitations. I am so excited to get home each day and see who has sent in their RSVP! We went pretty traditional with our invites and response cards, but here are some couples that had some fun with it:

rsvp1Wedding Bee

rsvp2One Wed

rsvp3Katie Kerr

Would you go the traditional or funny route?

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Creating a Schedule

One of my biggest strengths is that I’m organized to a fault. I can be spontaneous, but I’d much rather have my days planned out in order to keep on task. This attribute is coming in very handy when it comes to wedding planning. The hard part is, while I’m super organized, I’ve never planned an actual day of wedding before, so my timelines are a bit off from the norm. Luckily, I’ve surrounded myself by professionals that, having done this many times, know what the day should look like. My day of coordinator Amanda and I have been emailing regularly with my vendors to create a schedule that will keep the day flowing smoothly, the stress low and the fun on 10!

I cannot stress enough to brides to be out there, don’t leave your day to chance! There will be something that you forget and you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute or have to show up late to your own ceremony!

I found the most complete list of how much time you should expect to spend on each section of your day from Bridal Guide. That way, you can work backward from your ceremony time to see when you should start your pampering for the day! I personally love excel spreadsheets for this type of thing. As you can see below, the sheet is color coded to tell everyone where they need to be and when!


Or you can have some fun with it and do something like this:scheudule1

Both ideas from The Budget Savvy Bride

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Specialty Cocktails: Summer Edition

It’s almost time for my favorite season of the year, summer!! Which brings me to my final specialty cocktails post. How refreshing do some of these drinks look?!

summer11Pineapple Margaritas / Tequila Blackberry Lemonade / White Strawberry Sangria

summer12Frozen Cherry Mojito / Peach Flip / Sparkling Watermelon Chiller

summer13Swimming Pool / Creamsicle

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We’re getting down to the wire and finalizing a whole bunch of tasks. While doing this, I thought about programs for our ceremony. To be honest, I think that most often they are a waste of paper and money. Half the guests don’t read them and the other half use them as a fan. I wasn’t super excited to go down this path, until I found a downloadable Word document from The McBaileys. I immediately fell in love with this program! It’s fun, lighthearted and most of all, US!

 we ❤ this!  #weddingprogram  we ❤ this!  #weddingprogram

All you have to do is download the template and edit to fit your wedding! You can change the colors, wording, anything you want! After that, you can either choose to print it on a home computer or send off to have it printed elsewhere. Easy peasy!

Now that I’ve found a fun wedding program, I feel much better about purchasing them. At least I know that our family and friends will have a good laugh while waiting for us!

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After the cake has been cut, the dress stored away and the thanks you’s have been sent, it might be hard to move back into “real life”, and maybe you don’t have to right away! I’ve found some great keepsakes from your wedding to bring you back to that day over and over again!

Don’t throw those wedding cards away! Create an album to go through!

 we ❤ this!   Something Turquoise

Here is a shadow box that you can construct yourself!

 we ❤ this!   Splendid Things By GG

A map of your honeymoon with a wedding picture is a great way to remember the day!

 we ❤ this!   The Wives Book

This is one of the most unique ideas I’ve ever seen! You can send Aberrant Ornaments a photo of your wedding cake and they will make a replica ornament! How cool! we ❤ this!

What did you do for a wedding keepsake?